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Brier Creek Memorial Gardens
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Choosing a memorial for you and your family is an important personal decision and one that represents a lasting tribute for those you love. Today, there are many types of unique and personalized interment options to fit individual or family needs and preferences. As you review the memorials represented here, please feel confident that each has been artistically designed, thoughtfully planned and skillfully crafted.

Our Family Care Advisors will be happy to provide additional details about any of the following options or to answer any questions you may have about custom orders. Please don't hesitate to contact them.

In-ground Burial Memorials

Traditional ground or lawn crypt allows you to personalize loved ones' gravesites through a range of memorial options, including:

Flush bronze memorials

flush bronze

Flush bronze memorials offer unparalleled versatility. They can be cast in most any size, shape or design and are often set flush on a granite base. The names and dates can be cast in typefaces including Asian, Arabic and Hebrew. Bronze memorials can be personalized with different border styles as well as epitaphs, emblems or sculpted designs. The memorials are finished with protective coatings to preserve the natural beauty of the bronze.

Photographic Memorials


Including favorite photos on memorials lets you create a pictorial legacy for future generations to learn about their past. Using a one-of-a-kind process, your photos are reproduced into finely detailed images on cast bronze memorials. Several sizes and options are available, including individual and companion styles using a photo montage, or a single photograph for a detailed and simple portrait tribute - both of which capture the true personality of the individual - for a truly meaningful memorial.

These memorials can accommodate a traditional single or companion memorial. Specialty granite bases that enhance government-furnished Veteran's bronze markers with matching spouse memorials are available, as well as beautiful and enduring infant memorials.

Cremation Memorials

A variety of memorial options are available for those who choose cremation, including ground burial, cremation benches, urns, cremation niches and scattering gardens.

Cremation Benches

Cremation benches are the perfect tribute for a peaceful, outdoor setting. There are many designs that represent a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Spaces for remains are integrated into the granite, allowing a concealed and protected area for cremated remains to be permanently placed.

Glass- and Bronze-Front Niches

Glass- and bronze-front niches offer a unique and tasteful way to pay special tribute and preserve precious memories within a prominent display area.



Bronze cremorials are designed especially for families or individuals who prefer ground burial even when the option of cremation is chosen. An urn fits directly into a tamper-proof bronze memorial placed in a wall or in the ground.

Mausoleum Memorials

Memorial Crypt Plates and Fronts

crypt plate

A combination of bronze crypt letters, plates and emblems can be used on both companion and individual crypt fronts. Designs range from simple bevel edge plates to ornate styles trimmed in floral patterns or scenes from nature, mythology, or the Bible.


Thousands of bronze emblems are available for personalizing crypt fronts with custom, religious, fraternal, professional or personal interests.